“I had a 6-week course of Chemical Peels with 1921 Skin. They explained the procedure in great detail and prepared me for each step of the process as they carried out the treatment, so I knew what to expect and when to expect it. Every week that I had a peel done, I could see the difference in my skin. My pigmentation faded and my skin was brighter and clearer. By the end of the 6 week course my skin was glowing. I was really impressed with the results. I would highly recommend 1921.”
Laura Howard-Lanes

“I had line reducing treatment in 3 areas (forehead, between the eyebrows and crows feet) I was amazed at the results and was really happy! Steph was very professional, and I would highly recommend the team. I will definitely be coming again soon.”
Rebecca Walker

“I decided to have my lips done- I wanted big, the bigger the better. 1921 Medical Aesthetics gave me the best advice, to start little and see how I feel. I’m so glad I didn’t go the full hog, I love my plump, natural lips. Without their advice and knowledge this could have gone horribly wrong. They listen, they advise, and they review- perfect professionals.”

“Being body conscious, the thought of having someone spray me terrified me, but after recommendations I took the plunge and visited 1921 Medical Aesthetics. I instantly felt at ease and now I’m a regular client, having tans at almost every opportunity! Thank you for being you guys, your naturals at making people like me feel relaxed and I’m actually starting to love my body more and more. Confidence is defiantly key and you have boosted my confidence for sure! Thank you so much x”

“I have Rosacea, I take tablets and use cream prescribed by my Dr. This is an ongoing condition that doesn’t seem to get better. I spoke with the team at 1921 Medical Aesthetics who were absolutely lovey. They took great care and gave brilliant advise at my consultation. I now use products advised by them and have seen a vast improvement in my skin. Thank you Stephanie and Joanna.”

“I’ve had the LVL Lash treatment a few times now carried out by both Stephanie and Joanna. They created a calmful atmosphere and made me feel welcome and relaxed. This treatment exceeded my high expectations and the compliments I have received about my lashes are lovely. 1921 Medical Aesthetics are very professional and I would highly recommend.”

“I contacted 1921 Medical Aesthetics after being recommended by a friend; who previously had treatments with them. It has changed my life! I’m over the moon with my results; my skin is smoother, my wrinkle/ lines have vanished, and my skin looks fresh. Everyone keeps asking why I looked so different and healthy. I never knew 20 minutes would have such a positive impact on my confidence. Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable, she made me feel at ease with her calm, relaxed but bubbly, personality. Not only did I have a lovely treatment with amazing results, it was nice to meet such a friendly/ approachable lady in the process. I will recommend these ladies and will be booking further treatments! Thank you again!”

“Having thought about adding volume and shape to my lips for a while, I was recommended to contact 1921 Medical Aesthetics. Following a skin consultation, we decided I would have 1ml of filler added to my lips and I would have wrinkle treatment to some areas on my face. The procedures were done on two separate occasions and the results were better than I imagined! My wrinkles went and after the initial swelling/ bruising had settled my lips were fuller and more defined! The experience with 1921 Medical Aesthetics was amazing. They were so helpful and supportive at every step. The constant photos and phone calls for advice and reassurance were never an issue! I’ve since been back and had both treatments for the second time again with fantastic results! Thanks again.”

“I have had multiple spray tans through this company and they have always been excellent. The tan is very even and lasts for ages. They take extra time ensuring an even tan with no patches and are extremely professional. I would highly recommend getting a spray tan and will definitely be going back.”
Dr. Emma

“I had a wonderful experience with the girls at 1921 medical aesthetics. The whole experience was professional, and I was made to feel at ease. The results from the lip fillers was amazing and I will be 100% using them again.”
Fiona Ringwood

“We had a mass Spray Tan for our beautiful girls hen weekend! Amazing Tans, natural colour that suited us all. Joanna and Stephanie made this a tanning to remember. We had a hilarious evening making ourselves feel beautiful and not forgetting feeling skinnier post tan! Totally recommend not just for the tan but the giggles we all had! Thank you!
Lianne’s Hens

“I have not had my treatment to reduce my lines yet due to COVID-19 but I will say that the consultation I had previously was great. I was given great advice backed up with knowledge- I cannot wait to have my treatment when the time is right, I will keep you posted but so far so good.”

“My consultation was with both Stephanie and Joanna. They were both very professional, knowledgeable and put me at ease straight away. I was advised 6 chemical peels, which at first I thought maybe this was a lot. However the results were amazing, my skin is so much clearer and is glowing. Thank you to both girls, I love my result.”

“I had been considering trying to reduce my wrinkles for a while but was a bit dubious at going down the injection route. However, the girls at 1921 Medical Aesthetics put my mind at rest. They were very professional and extremely knowledgeable in the procedure, so I took the plunge and had it done. Not only am I wrinkle free and radiant, I still have movement in my face so it looks natural. I am so pleased and I will be getting it done again.”

“I recently had wrinkle/ line treatments and lip augmentation with these lovely ladies. I was extremely nervous, but they put me ease and told me step by step what to expect. They were polite, comforting and professional. I loved the results; I highly recommend and I will be back for more skin treatments in the near future.”

“I have been friends with Joanna and Stephanie since school. They are both wonderful nurses so that’s been amazingly helpful with my children etc. Then to my delight they trained in aesthetics; every woman’s dream friends! I have had treatments including; LVL Lashes, Spray tans and Chemical Peels over the years. The LVL Lashes and Spray Tans are fab for nights out and holidays. I always feel so much better straight away. For the Chemical Peels I had a course of 6 over a short period of time. I now try and do one a month to give my skin a glow. Each treatment is done with so much care and every question is answered. I have treated my mum and sister to vouchers for treatments. I can’t recommend enough.”

“I recently had wrinkle treatment carried out by Stephanie. I’ve had it done many times elsewhere, but she was highly recommended by friends. I’ve never really been totally happy with the results before as I have extremely strong frown lines, but the result this time were the best I’ve had! Steph eased my nerves, she was very thorough. A full consultation was carried out prior to the treatment to discuss my needs and desired outcomes. All in all, I would highly recommend Stephanie and I will be seeing her again!”
Sue (Beautician)

“Stephanie and Joanna are fantastic, their knowledge is exceptional, and all treatments are given with great care and professionalism. All treatments are carried out on such a personal level and you are made to feel very relaxed and special.”
Abby Cooper

“I was totally self-conscious about my skin- suffering from acne for years. After 6 chemical peels my skin looks the best it ever has. I will continue having chemical peels as I love the way my skin looks and feels afterwards. I’m so much more confident. Amazing to meet and start my skin journey with 1921 Medical Aesthetics! The funniest twins I have ever met.”

“I love my amazing, natural looking lips. Stephanie defiantly put me at ease and knew her stuff, I was in safe hands! I feel amazing.”

“I have just had LVL lashes done at 1921 Medical Aesthetics. The results were beautiful; I didn’t realise my eyelashes were so naturally long. Thank you, I will be returning.”

“I had forehead, frown line and crows feet wrinkle reducing treatment with Steph and was so pleased with the results. The thoroughness and reassurance of information and care advice was more than enough to put myself at ease and venture into my first ever treatment…

Within 2-3 days I could feel and see the difference in my skin in all 3 areas. Within 2 weeks I had compliments of my skin looking lovely, refreshed and how healthy I looked. Would highly recommend, Thank you.”


“I have always had good volume in my cheeks but felt something was missing. After what seemed ages of overthinking, I decided to contact 1921 Medical Aesthetics for some advice; and what can I say I’m so happy I did. They suggested we used filler, to add to my already full cheeks, to enhance the shape/ contour. I booked in for 2 weeks later and after just 15 mins and 1m of filler I finally had my desired look. Steph and Jo are lovely girls and are so professional, they put me at ease immediately. I’m so happy with my results and have already recommended them to friends and family. I look forward to returning to them in the very near future for some more procedures.”

“As soon as I meet Jo and Steph, I felt at ease straight away. With their professionalism and knowledge at the consultation I knew I had picked the best! They really looked after me from the start to finish and their aftercare was EXCELLENT. Definitely 5-star service!! Thankyou 1921 Medical Aesthetics for my lovely lips and the confidence that came with it. I would definitely recommend the twins!”
Donna & her lips

“I had a course of 6 wonderful chemical peels. My skin felt incredible, looked smoother and blemishes/ pigmentation disappeared. I used a face wash/ cream daily and even tried the face tinted SPF 50 sun cream, which gave my skin the perfect glow. Steph was very professional and had great advice for aftercare. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with skin problems.”
Dr. Emma